Fidelium Consulting

A trustworthy partner helping the government and private sector accelerate our transition to a clean energy future.
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Who We Are

Fidelium Consulting provides government and corporate clients with an agile small business partner for developing and managing high-performing market engagement programs. Our founding Principal has helped U.S. federal agencies accelerate the adoption of proven decarbonization, energy and water efficiency, and waste reduction approaches for nearly 15 years—work that has never been more relevant. As a smaller firm, we can apply the lessons learned through this experience in a customized way to help your organization achieve its programmatic goals. Learn more about how we have helped the U.S. Department of Energy implement the Better Buildings Initiative.

Operating Principles

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Goal-driven Solutions

Offer solutions that meet client’s internal milestones and external goals.

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Speed of Business

Enable effective two-way communication and rapid response between government clients and their stakeholders.


Committed to Decarbonization

Advise on best-practices for fostering collaborative approaches to overcoming common barriers and amplifying proven solutions.

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Sustaining Teams

Help our clients better define roles, streamline tasks, provide clear instructions to their staff, and leverage feedback.

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Increasing Engagement

Encourage the growth and professional development of the client’s team, build expertise, and increase employee engagement.

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Foresight and Planning

Minimize disruption from fire drills through foresight and meticulous planning.

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Meet the Principal

Zach Abrams

My mission is to accelerate positive change by helping forward-thinking public and private organizations partner together better. Over a 12-year career at ICF, I acted as a trusted advisor to dozens of federal staff, and over 100 corporations, local governments, schools, and non-profits. I learned the value of being responsive and collegial, identifying collaborator priorities and constraints, and helping create a roadmap to achieve their goals. Fidelium Consulting embodies these principles making it a trusted advisor to our clients, a valued asset to our teaming partners, and a fantastic workplace for our employees.